Epsom salt, or otherwise known as magnesium sulfate, is a naturally occurring mineral, mind and purified in Kali, Germany

Epsom Salt has been renowned for generations for its beneficial health properties.

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We supply our Food Grade Epsom Salt in bulk to stores, wellness and floatation tank centres as well as for food industry. The Mg-component in Epsom Salt is used in nutrition physiology. Within biotechnology, Epsom Salt is used for fermentation. Beyond these applications, this salt is also used in enzymatic processes, such as in isomerisation of glucose to fructose; in this case magnesium acts as a co-enzyme. Epsom Salt is also used for concentrating and purifying enzymes by precipitation.
Bulk orders start from 250 kg

The Epsom Salt Company supplies food grade Epsom salt [MgSO4] in bulk for spa pools, flotation tanks and general health and wellbeing

Health Benefits

Magnesium: As Epsom salt absorbed through the skin, it replenishes magnesium to increase relaxation and aiding serotonin production which in turn improves digestion, muscle and nerve function as well as sleep quality and concentration.

Pain Relief: Bathing in Epsom salt also soothes muscular aches and cramps and is well known for pain and inflammation relief. A foot bath using half a cup of Epsom Salt in a tub of water will relieve tired, aching feet too.

Helps to eliminate toxins: As an aid to eliminating toxins, Epsom Salt in your bath water triggers reverse osmosis pulling salt and harmful substances from your body. Use two cups of Epsom salt in a weekly, 10 minutes soak for best results.


Beauty: Exfoliation, blackhead removal and treatment of foot odour are the wonderful added benefits of using Epsom Salt. It will soften your skin when used as a scrub mixed with your favourite oil such as olive or coconut and can also be used as a hair volumiser when combined with any conditioner.

Flotation Tanks: Epsom salt is used in sensory deprivation tanks, where it’s high concentration allows you to float completely effortlessly, like a cork. Added to that you benefit from the numerous health and beauty effects of Epsom Salt while you enjoy the relaxation of a float.

Gardening: Epsom Salt can be used as a fertiliser, pesticide spray as well as an aid to keeping your lawn green.

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