Food Grade Natural Epsom Salt from Germany
Food Grade Natural Epsom Salt from Germany
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Something about Epsom Salts

You’ve heard of Epsom Salts right? But not too sure what it is and how you can use it? Well read on because this stuff is awesome…

It’s proper name is magnesium sulfate and it’s a naturally-ocurring mineral compound found all over the place. For your inner nerd, it’s chemical formula is MgSO4 and it became know as Epsom Salts after a bitter, salty spring near Epsom in Surry, England where the salt was produced.

But get this … it has a myriad of uses: medicinal, sports wellness, beauty, gardening and even for crafts. So seeing as this is our first post let’s talk about the uses that are super-beneficial when you put Epsom Salts in your bath or you relax in a flotation tank.

The recommended dose for your bath is one to two cups in a tub full of warm water and it’s suggested you soak for about 15 minutes up to three times a week for maximum benefit. Of course, you can add essential oils of your choice to make it more of a home spa experience, and you will come away feeling great. The use of Epsom Salts in your bath softens your skin and as the magnesium sulphate is actually absorbed through your skin it serves as a detoxifier too while boosting your magnesium levels. And you can’t beat it for easing stiff, sore muscles - but more on its medical uses later.

How easy is that? A bit of luxurious me-time with added de-stress benefits!

All this does come with a caution though … Epsom salt baths aren't for everyone. If you have conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes it’s probably best if you check with your doctor before embarking on a salt bath regime.

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